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from the mind of critic-1/3/18

From the mind of critic: “If we really hate something but don’t know anything about it, are we ignorant? If we know some things but not the whole picture, are we ignorant? If we espouse knowledge to evidence our hatred, but that knowledge is based on false claims and assumptions, are we ignorant of our ignorance? Does new knowledge scare us, or because of low self-esteem and low self-worth , are we afraid to admit a lack of knowledge? Are we afraid of the phrase, I don’t know? Some of us grow out of the teenage know-it-all phase, some don’t, and some of us are stuck in the middle. They say the more we know, the more we find out we don’t know. If we don’t allow this natural evolution to take place, where we absorb knowledge throughout our journey, negatiivity will grow, which will fester into hatred of anybody or anything that’s different, disagrees or challenges us. This happens specifically because we think we know everything, and the other person doesn’t. Hate groups always sprout amongst ignorance, as do despotic and facist governments. Are we ignorant of this in 2018, enough to defend child molestors, abandon moral beliefs and treat others like we would not like to be treated? What about in 2020, when it comes time to re-elect the ultimate physical example of that ignorance?” 🙂

from the mind of critic-1/2/18

From the mind of critic: “If a new year is suppossed to be a fresh start, is it because we forgot everything that happened last year? Do we fail to see the links from year to year, and are surprised when it’s a rerun that’s worse than the original? Do we obsess over the links, and use that evidence to prove this year will be worse? Does our self-sabotage swallow up the light we overlooked, blinding our soul to how good the new year might be? Fresh starts and clean slates, are created by our minds to lift us up, which can be helpful when clearing out last years clutter. While we don’t want to completely ignore the clutter, if we don’t atleast acknowledge it, we’ll never get rid of it, and it will block anything good from coming in. If we want a fresh start, and hope for a joyful, prosperous and fulfilling new year, we must be honest about mistakes made, and lessons that still need to be learned. Once this honesty cascades through us, we’ll see completely fresh starts might not be possible, but new beginings are; the difference being acknowledgement versus ignorance. Recognizing that difference is the first step toward a better us. Isn’t that how each new year should start? To evolve, we must start from somewhere.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/30/17

From the mind of critic: “If old movies, TV shows, books and comic books are recycled, repackaged and reintroduced every decade or so, are old attitudes, opinions and arguments recycled at the same rate? Do we get so blinded by the struggle to survive, that we don’t see the inevitable connections between generations, and the lessons they did and didn’t learn? Does putting more energy into changing laws than people’s antiquated views, cause demeaning, bigoted, racist, intolerant and violent rhetoric to pop up, whenever the population gets so complacent and apathetic they think racism has completely dissappeared? The argument could be made that old ideas are recycled, because there aren’t any new ones. That because everything has been done before, we have no hope for original thought. This is how despotic governments grow their power, by deeming human thought heresy, because the top dog always has the final say. Let’s make a pact as humans moving forward into this new year, that we’ll abandon our ignorance, shaming, blaming and scheming, in favor of humanism, accountability and kindness. Not only could it be the start of an evolutionary conversation, but also the physical representation of not kicking the can down the road, but opening the can and dealing with it’s contents. Recycling is a good thing, as long as it moves us forward, and not backward. The opposite of apathy, is consciousness.”

from the mind of critic-12/29/17

From the mind of critic: “If we learn from past mistakes, are we guaranteed a better future? If we can’t change those past mistakes, does recognizing them alone ensure they aren’t made again? Does all the promise of a new year, wipe out all the lies and dishonesty of the previous year? Part of changing our reactions instead of attempting to change events, is not changing our past but our reactions to them, so we start living that better future now. That way when the future does get here, we’ll simply be refining our reactions withing our continued conscious evolution, instead of playing catch up because of our long time unconscious decision making. If we want to keep taking 2 steps forward and one step back, instead of the other way around as we move into the future, humanism, accountability and kindness must be our focus points; not only for ourselves because that’s where it starts, but also for our elected officials, especially for our elected officials. This isn’t a liberal or conservative thing, it’s called being against corruption, violence and elitism. Learning from our past mistakes, also means learning from our present ones so we don’t keep making them into the future. We will have that better future, when we stop blinding ourselves presently.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/28/17

From the mind of critic: “If we’re up a creek without a paddle, are we forced to go whichever way the current takes us? Do we use our hands, legs and anything else we can to paddle against the current? Do we let go and let the current take us, knowing the key to survival and success is adaption and self-esteem? If we’re lucky enough to have a paddle, will we get turned around easily because we only have one? Does the material and/or manufacturer determine how fast, slow or controlled we move? Whether we have a paddle or not, do we move through the river better, moving with or against the current? Life can be a fickle beast, immediately changing it’s speed and forcefulness the moment we have it figured out. What we learn through experience, is that it doesn’t matter how we move forward, just that we move forward. We either create our paddle, or we procure one, niether way is necessarily better than the other, specifically because of our intent. Going against the current or with it, doesn’t guarantee success, but if we stay conscious we’ll see much effort needs to be exerted, and increase our chances of success and fulfillment if we don’t give up. Life will steal our paddle from time to time, we evolve when we realize we have the ability to create a new one anytime we want.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/27/17

From the mind of critic: “If we need light to see amongst the darkness, do we need darkness to see amongst the light? If we see nothing but light, how do we know it’s authentic if there is no darkness mixed in, and vice versa? Is ignorance really bliss, or are we simply to lazy to find the truth? We all want to be prosperous, joyful and purposeful, it’s one of the comonalities that bind us. What also binds us toegther, as well within ourselves, is looking for easy solutions. Sometimes we trudge through our daily routine, and think it will always be this way or that way. Maybe we see ourselves as always succeeding, and don’t see anyway we could fail. On the flip side, maybe we see ourselves as always failing, and don’t see success ever reaching us. We create our own realities through what we percieve. However, the only constant in life is change. Things can be great, things can suck, and things can fluctuate so wildly that it’s hard to keep our feet on the ground. We must remember that life is a series of moments, that run the gamut of good, bad and inbetween, due to environment, culture, background, financial status, along with infinitely more variables than we even have language for. If we hang on to tightly to these moments, meaning changes from its original intent. We might experience a great moment, but could make it bad thinking it will be the only one we’ll ever have, and vice versa. We can be blinded by the light, or swallowed up by the darkness. Pure sight leads to truth, which leads to fulfillment, which is gained by seeing what’s actually in front of our face.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/26/17

From the mind of critic: “If employers always want to hire somebody with experience, but a potential employee can’t get experience because nobody will hire them, how do we fix the problem? Do employees have to wait for that one boss to give them a chance, based on their character, drive and willingness to learn? Do employers have to gamble on somebody, based on their character, drive and willingness to learn? Is life one big catch 22, where we can’t win for losing, and the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Life is full of givers and takers, to be successful we need to find ourselves somewhere in the middle. Paying it forward means doing for somebody else, when they’ve done for us. If anybody has taken a chance on us when they didn’t have to, we must be willing to take a chance on somebody else. This concept could be decribed a million ways, but most succinctly, it means do unto others, as you have would them do unto you. Whether we’re paycheck writers or paycheck earners, people will prove themselves if given the chance. We just have to ask ourselves, if we don’t give anybody a chance, why would we expect them to take a chance on us? If experience is earned, we should let people earn, but only if they have strong character, drive and a willingness to learn.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/23/17

From the mind of critic: “If all of us are humans who live, die and struggle to know freedom, how can any of us hate it? If the very essence and design of human beings is not meant for bondage and constriction, but for freedom and continous positive evolution, how is it even possible for a person to yearn for brutal, dictatorial, tyranical and despotic rule? Have we convinced ourselves that human nature can change, if we blanket over the truth long enough, that we spew nothing but vileness and lies? Do we believe human nature can evolve or devolve depending on how much positivity or negativity we put out, which depends specifically on how much we absorb? As living beings we never stop changing, even if its only the world around us or how we react to it. Sometimes our self-esteem plunges so low, that we believe freedom can only be possessed if taken from others. This is where the “they hate freedom” fallacy comes from. Collective freedom doesnt emerge by pillaging it from others, but by allowing ourselves to understand it’s true definition. If knowledge is power, love and gratitude are it’s regulator.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/22/17

From the mind of critic: “If we love winter because it’s freezing outside, and we curl up the fire and stay warm inside, are we trying to make up for something? Do we draw in cold from the outside to the point of invitation, while repelling the warm inside to the point of a metaphorical brick wall, regardless of the temperature? Are we accustomed to the cold not because it’s beneficial, but because it’s usual? Are we cynical of the warm, because the whole idea of self-assessment scares the shit out of us? Is this simply one more example of holiday thoughts and feelings, that should be spread throughout the year? Fake it till we make it, is a concept that can get our minds focused back in a much more fulfilling direction. I say can work, because results in life are never guaranteed, only our efforts. The world can be a cruel place, and actively trying to make it less cruel can be intimidating. Maybe we don’t see the light that’s already there, because through life experience, perceptions and beliefs, we can’t see through the shadow of darkness. This can cause us to know it’s freezing outside and want to be warm inside, but think it isn’t possible, or that we’re undeserving. Which causes us to overcompensate during the winter with physical representation, when really we should be putting more effort into emotional representation. Once we believe that we deserve to be warm all year, we’ll take action to make it happen, which makes others believe they can also take action. It takes less to warm us during the winter, when we are warm on the inside to begin with. Gratitude is the reason for the season, but only as an example of what should be present year round.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/21/17

From the mind of critic: “Is being trapped physically, the same as being trapped emotionally or financially? Are physical restraints and cages, the same as being so lonely that we’ll put up with being mistreated, or living paycheck to paycheck so we have to put up with being commodities, that can be tossed aside at the slightest inkling of lanything ess than 100% unquestioned obedience? Is the world in general changing so the people at the top have eveyrthing, and the workers get tossed so few crumbs, that we not only beat each other to death to get them, but live in so much fear of being 100% destitute, that we put up with being treated as defacto indebted servants, just for the luxury of being 90% destitute? We can always change our reactions, even if we cant change everything that happens on the ground. The less of us that stand up and demand better treatment, the more it plays into the hands of those who are trying to squeeze juice out of a dried up lemon. We can let fear trap us, planning the rest of our lives around how to get shit on the least, while viewing crumbs as extreme luxury. We can also let fear motivate us, to stand up and not only say, “we’re as mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore, but to keep standing, pushing, fighting and loving, until things change like we all know they can, and like we all want as human beings. Why does the caged bird sing, because nobody will sing for them.” 🙂

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