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from the mind of critic-1/18/18

From the mind of critic: “If lack of sleep diminshes our critical thinking skills, how come too much thinking diminshes our sleep? Are thoughts that keep us up at night, not critical but overly emotional? Does obession prevent us from achieving clarity? Our brains create random and numerous thoughts, whether we want them to or not. The quality of which depends on our discernment and filter levels. When we don’t get enough sleep, our discernment drops and our filter becomes porous, but our flow of consciousness doesn’t stop. We might not be able to stop this constant stream, but we can make it more meaningful. When our mind races it can cause lack of sleep, and vice versa. Once we realize quality always beats out quantity, we’ll see that taking care of our mind, is inextricably linked to taking care of our body and soul. Sometimes we can’t prevent our lack of sleep, because of an overbearing concept called life. We can however make sure we’re kind to ourselves when our sleep has diminshed, which will halt out negativity cycle of no sleep and uncritical thought. Taking care of ourselves means not merely understanding how everything is interconnected, but living it as well.” 🙂
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from the mind of critic-1/17/18

From the mind of critic: “If we argue that anybody who disagrees with us is wrong, do we evolve into politicians who claim fake news, anytime a negative story is published? Do all the issues we have with each other, exacerbate when we reach elected office? Do our issues grow, but are more well hidden because of our new found power and influence? Are claims of fake news, born out of a lifetime of avoiding conflict? We live in strange times, with huge fissures within our human family. Sometimes it seems like our grand canyon size difference of opinions, have deleted comrpomise from the english langauge. The first step in recovery is to admit we have a problem. Once we see that issues can be resolved when we’re honest about their causes, we’ll realize compromise might be scary, but continuing down our current path of mutually assured destruction, is much worse. Fake news isn’t fake, it’s the most authentic form of democracy in existence, otherwise known as critical thinking. Being American means disagreeing and compromising, not scapegoating and self preservation. Echo chambers grow divisions, compromise grows understanding.”

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from the mind of critic-1/16/18

From the mind of critic: “If cleanliness is next to godliness, is godliness next to cleanliness? Do we believe cleaning our house makes god happy, convincing him/her that we’re meeting expectations? Do we believe god doesn’t care if our house is dirty or clean, just that it’s a welcoming, loving and uplifting environment? Do we link cleanliness to our homes, or to our souls? I may not be a very religous person, but if somebody wants to use their religion to better themselves, their community, country and world, I’m all for it. What I’m not okay with is people using religion to control and persecute, under the guise of god’s love. A wolf can hide in sheeps clothing made of diabolical darkness, disguised as unending splendor. Godliness comes in many forms, all of which make up a loving soul. True cleanliness is acheived when we take that loving soul and love others. We don’t convince god we’re a better person, we just be a better person, now. In the end words don’t mean anything, unless they lead to loving, uplifting actions.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-1/13/18

From the mind of critic: “When racists openly tout their views because zero fear exists, are we oblivious to the consequences? When a leader feels 100% confident in labeling whole groups of people as murderers, rapists and theives from shithole countries who all have aids so they should go back to their huts, do they feel like an unquestioned and infallible emporer, instead of a democratically elected president? When supporters disagree with the flagrant racism, but ignore it because they see the leader as a vehicle to push through a long dreamed radical agenda, are they closeted racists who gladly express disdain publicly, but express great joy privately that somebody is espousing what they truly think? Some see this as the downfall of the republic, while others see it as racists, bigots and supremacists taking a cue from General Custer, and making their last stand. What happened to Custer, he got brutally murdered because he wouldn’t or couldn’t admit a new day was dawning, and was willing to fight to the death to preserve old world beliefs. I’m not advocating murder, and I’m not saying all racists deserve to be brutually slain. However, when all of a sudden in the 21st century racists aren’t afraid to go out in the light of day, they feel threatened. Why do they feel threatened, because they know they’re losing their historical grip on the neck of humanity. A new day isn’t on the horizon, a new day is here now. The sooner we damit that, the sooner we’ll see racists for what they really are, historicsal relics that belong in a museum. We make racists afraid again, when we aren’t afraid to defend humanity again.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-1/12/18

From the mind of critic: “If the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, how do we pay it? Is it pre-paid and pre-ordered, so the payment is in hand before it’s been fully manufactured? Is it available on C.O.D., where we don’t pay until it arrives? Do we know the cost. but believe it’s to expensive? Are we willing to pay whatever the cost is, because the end result is all that matters? Have elected officials convinced us the price is higher or lower than it actually is, tayloring the value around business and political aspirations? For freedom to be authentic not only does it have to cover all people, but it must be constantly tested. Sometimes it needs to be fought or bargained for, but it always reuiqres being earned. We earn freedom by standing up for rights of people, full stop. We earn it by taking care of the lesser of us, because we know it could be us. We earn it by paying a living wage and leveling the playing field, by not skewing all the economic and financial benefits to the gatekeepers and money changers. True freedom only exists if we’re all free. When we say somebody else’s freedom steals ours, we’re the ones bloocking freedom. When we say people hate freedom, we’re saying we hate true freedom. There will always be minorities in every population, religion and culture who use beliefs to further enhance darkness. The majority however, all have the same human needs. When we exhale freedom for others, we inhale it for ourselves, that’s how we stay vigilant.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-1/11/18

From the mind of critic: “If we’ve reached a point of true riches by valuing time more than money, but our time is dwindling away, are we immediately poor? Do the hopes and emotional stability we’ve cultivated by spending time and not wasting it, dissappear when time is severely limited? How do we spend time taking care of ourselves, if we barely have any time to spend? Anger, depression, hopelessness and worry can filter into our lives, bringing with it a darkness that coats everything we think. These dark thoughts only serve to tear us down, which makes us think more dark thoughts, and on and on the cycle goes. If we know this darkness is happening, and how it’s negatively affecting us, how do we bring in light and inhale beauty, if we only have time for acts of survival? Minute amounts of time here or there can bring us back to normal, but nowhere near affords us the ability to grow, which comes from introspection. The true sign of wealth, comes from valuing time over money. When time ebbs, we must do our damndest to carve what time we can. Not only will it make us sane, but it will block darkness from inhibiting our view of opportunities. Being thankful for what we have, is hardest when we’re low and can’t see the light, but it’s also the most important . Being conscious of our actions, gives us a head start toward joy, being grateful gives us the time we need.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-1/10/18

From the mind of critic: “If we’re always being watched by virtue of being plugged in, are we ignored if we’re unplugged? If we make controversial and over the top statements but are unplugged, are we still being watched because everybody else is plugged in? Does it matter whether we’re plugged in or not? The new century, the new age or the new generation, whatever the label, the meaning is the same. With all of us having extremely easy access to mini super computers these days, i.e. smartphones, we just have to assume we’re being watched everywhere we go. It is the new reality. We can either adapt, or evolve. We make it work for us, or actively fight against it, we could also do both simultaneously. We just have to ask what’s worth our time? What will improve our lives? Once we see that standing up for what’s right, instead of ignoring what’s wrong is how positive change is made, we’ll realize the NSA and other spy agencys’ illusion of power only has control over us, if we allow it to. control us. Being unplugged or plugged in isn’t a determinant for change, we are everytime weinhale beauty, and exhale positivity and gratitude.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-1/9/18

From the mind of critic: “If campaigning for office is nothing but a sales pitch, is voting like ordering from amazon? Do we look at reviews and research specs, insuring we’re an informed consumer? Do we look for the cheapest price, only wanting function? Do we look for the middle of the road price, wanting function but with some style? Do we not care about price, because style and status are the only things that matter? Do we forgo amazon alltogether, and settle on a third party site? Do we refuse to order, because our order will be changed or canceled, so what’s the point? Some of us are so fed up with the way things are, we figure why should we get involved if everything has already been decided. Voting might seem like a lost cause with the electoral college, and the popular vote not determining election outcomes. However, once we realize that putting energy into buying a TV yields a better quality product, like researching a candidate yields a better quailty elected official, we’ll see the system can be made better if we stop voting for people who say the government doesnt work, and start voting for people who say they’ll work to make it better. Do we want somebody to make this choice for us? Researching a product yields better quality, just like voting. The more we care, the better it gets, it’s that simple.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-1/6/18

From the mind of critic: “If keeping up with computer technology means relearning every 18 months, is life the same? If we finally get used to a program or device that we feel confident in our abilities, only to have it change, is the natural evolution of human society any different? What is the point of gaining knowledge, if something will soon come along to prove wrong what was previously known? Do we keep learning anyway, because it makes our life’s journey more purposeful? Do we stop learning, because what’s the point of anything if it constantly changes? Do we let ignorance take control, and ride out our journey amidst a sea of hedonistic lemming-ism? Does constantly updating our brains toolkit, ensure we can balance standing our ground, with positive growth? Whether its, the only constant in the world is change, expect the unexpected or roll with the punches, it all describes the same concept. We are animals, and as such will evolve or devolve depending on our environment, culture and beliefs. Knowledge might seem moot to people who know change is coming, but it will help us prepare. Part of finding our life’s balance is deciphering who we are, what our purpose is, what mark we want to leave and how we’re willing to adapt to make it happen. Knowledge might keep evolving, but the earlier we start absorbing, the less backstepping we’ll need to catchup. If the only constant in life is change but we refuse to change, we’re no longer constant, we’re obsolete.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-1/5/18

From the mind of critic: “If the American President commands fear and aquiescence because they speak from the bully pulpit, how can we ever be diplomatic? If our leader is seen as a bully no matter who holds the office, how can we ever be respected? Does the illusion of power which flows through all elites work overtime in America, because it must portray the illusion of democracy as well? Language is the ultimate double meaning concept, in that it means everything and nothing at the same time. We don’t have to use the term bully pulpit, surely we’ve had leaders that were less bullies and more diplomats than others, but it’s still in use. Is this because somewhere ingrained in our American psyche, we know we’re bullies and don’t care? Do we know not all of us are bullies but still use outdated traditions without questioning their meanings, because if we did they’d hold non-illusory power over our actions, instead of illusory power derived from our ignorance? The key to acheiving balance with language is admitting meaning, and to keep using it if we agree, stop if we don’t, and not obsess about it either way. Whether we agree with a phrase or not, it will only hold power over us if we allow it to or we ignore. We can have a bully pulpit or a unification pulpit, it’s up to us. We can make big changes if we aren’t afraid to make small ones.” 🙂

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