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from the mind of critic-1/10/18

From the mind of critic: “If we’re always being watched by virtue of being plugged in, are we ignored if we’re unplugged? If we make controversial and over the top statements but are unplugged, are we still being watched because everybody else is plugged in? Does it matter whether we’re plugged in or not? The new century, the new age or the new generation, whatever the label, the meaning is the same. With all of us having extremely easy access to mini super computers these days, i.e. smartphones, we just have to assume we’re being watched everywhere we go. It is the new reality. We can either adapt, or evolve. We make it work for us, or actively fight against it, we could also do both simultaneously. We just have to ask what’s worth our time? What will improve our lives? Once we see that standing up for what’s right, instead of ignoring what’s wrong is how positive change is made, we’ll realize the NSA and other spy agencys’ illusion of power only has control over us, if we allow it to. control us. Being unplugged or plugged in isn’t a determinant for change, we are everytime weinhale beauty, and exhale positivity and gratitude.” 🙂

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