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from the mind of critic-1/11/18

From the mind of critic: “If we’ve reached a point of true riches by valuing time more than money, but our time is dwindling away, are we immediately poor? Do the hopes and emotional stability we’ve cultivated by spending time and not wasting it, dissappear when time is severely limited? How do we spend time taking care of ourselves, if we barely have any time to spend? Anger, depression, hopelessness and worry can filter into our lives, bringing with it a darkness that coats everything we think. These dark thoughts only serve to tear us down, which makes us think more dark thoughts, and on and on the cycle goes. If we know this darkness is happening, and how it’s negatively affecting us, how do we bring in light and inhale beauty, if we only have time for acts of survival? Minute amounts of time here or there can bring us back to normal, but nowhere near affords us the ability to grow, which comes from introspection. The true sign of wealth, comes from valuing time over money. When time ebbs, we must do our damndest to carve what time we can. Not only will it make us sane, but it will block darkness from inhibiting our view of opportunities. Being thankful for what we have, is hardest when we’re low and can’t see the light, but it’s also the most important . Being conscious of our actions, gives us a head start toward joy, being grateful gives us the time we need.” 🙂

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