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from the mind of critic-1/13/18

From the mind of critic: “When racists openly tout their views because zero fear exists, are we oblivious to the consequences? When a leader feels 100% confident in labeling whole groups of people as murderers, rapists and theives from shithole countries who all have aids so they should go back to their huts, do they feel like an unquestioned and infallible emporer, instead of a democratically elected president? When supporters disagree with the flagrant racism, but ignore it because they see the leader as a vehicle to push through a long dreamed radical agenda, are they closeted racists who gladly express disdain publicly, but express great joy privately that somebody is espousing what they truly think? Some see this as the downfall of the republic, while others see it as racists, bigots and supremacists taking a cue from General Custer, and making their last stand. What happened to Custer, he got brutally murdered because he wouldn’t or couldn’t admit a new day was dawning, and was willing to fight to the death to preserve old world beliefs. I’m not advocating murder, and I’m not saying all racists deserve to be brutually slain. However, when all of a sudden in the 21st century racists aren’t afraid to go out in the light of day, they feel threatened. Why do they feel threatened, because they know they’re losing their historical grip on the neck of humanity. A new day isn’t on the horizon, a new day is here now. The sooner we damit that, the sooner we’ll see racists for what they really are, historicsal relics that belong in a museum. We make racists afraid again, when we aren’t afraid to defend humanity again.” 🙂

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