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from the mind of critic-1/30/18

From the mind of critic: “If the clearest snapshot of societal health is the writing on the wall, what about hard to read grafitti? Can writing provide a clear message, even if it’s not legible? Is a messages’ strength, directly correlated to how easily somebody understands it, and can convey it to others? Uplifiting messages that tug at our forgotten humanity, is what we’re all looking for. If these messages are hard to read, or only appeal to a small segment of the population, then they defeat the purpose they were designed to serve. Before we judge a messages strength we must ask ourselves, does this messaage encompass what makes us human, from the multitude of different paths we travel? If the message isn’t clear, it’s our job to make it clear. If it does cover humanity’s bredth, then it’s our duty to spread it far and wide. Writing on the wall may not always be clear, but with critical thought in our brains and love in our hearts, we can make it clear. Unity is not acheived by fighting over scraps, but by loving what we possess, and uplifiting others. Messages will enlighten us, if we put in work to find definitions. Gratitude and humanity will save us, we just have to remember why.” 🙂


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