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from the mind of critic-1/31/18

From the mind of critic: “If the true sign of wealth is valuing time over money, is the true sign of ignorance valuing money over time? If we view time as money, do we peg both as having equal value? Are true signs subjective, or do some black and white truths exist when we dig deep into our humanity? Having plenty of time, can give us the time to conjure money making ideas. Having plenty of money, can give us the time to do whatever we want, while true intentions hold the answers to why we do things. If we give ourselves time to find our “why”, our “what” will be obvious. Since we create our own realities, our perceptions of signs and symbols will be different. As long as we put our faith in something that builds us up, nothing can tear us down. Time and money are only real, because we believe they are. The only true sign of wealth, is what makes our soul sing on a continous and sustainable basis. We discover what makes our soul sing, when we realize we’re the conductor.” 🙂


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