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from the mind of critic-1/6/18

From the mind of critic: “If keeping up with computer technology means relearning every 18 months, is life the same? If we finally get used to a program or device that we feel confident in our abilities, only to have it change, is the natural evolution of human society any different? What is the point of gaining knowledge, if something will soon come along to prove wrong what was previously known? Do we keep learning anyway, because it makes our life’s journey more purposeful? Do we stop learning, because what’s the point of anything if it constantly changes? Do we let ignorance take control, and ride out our journey amidst a sea of hedonistic lemming-ism? Does constantly updating our brains toolkit, ensure we can balance standing our ground, with positive growth? Whether its, the only constant in the world is change, expect the unexpected or roll with the punches, it all describes the same concept. We are animals, and as such will evolve or devolve depending on our environment, culture and beliefs. Knowledge might seem moot to people who know change is coming, but it will help us prepare. Part of finding our life’s balance is deciphering who we are, what our purpose is, what mark we want to leave and how we’re willing to adapt to make it happen. Knowledge might keep evolving, but the earlier we start absorbing, the less backstepping we’ll need to catchup. If the only constant in life is change but we refuse to change, we’re no longer constant, we’re obsolete.” 🙂

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