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from the mind of critic-1/9/18

From the mind of critic: “If campaigning for office is nothing but a sales pitch, is voting like ordering from amazon? Do we look at reviews and research specs, insuring we’re an informed consumer? Do we look for the cheapest price, only wanting function? Do we look for the middle of the road price, wanting function but with some style? Do we not care about price, because style and status are the only things that matter? Do we forgo amazon alltogether, and settle on a third party site? Do we refuse to order, because our order will be changed or canceled, so what’s the point? Some of us are so fed up with the way things are, we figure why should we get involved if everything has already been decided. Voting might seem like a lost cause with the electoral college, and the popular vote not determining election outcomes. However, once we realize that putting energy into buying a TV yields a better quality product, like researching a candidate yields a better quailty elected official, we’ll see the system can be made better if we stop voting for people who say the government doesnt work, and start voting for people who say they’ll work to make it better. Do we want somebody to make this choice for us? Researching a product yields better quality, just like voting. The more we care, the better it gets, it’s that simple.” 🙂

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