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from the mind of critic-10/11/17

From the mind of critic: “If coastal weather features countless microclimates, shouldn’t those microclimates be called microcosms? If the weather can change five miles in any direction, and keep changing in five mile increments as we drive down the road, wouldn’t thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, reactions, beliefs and goals change in the same fashion, and at the same speed? If nothing is as it seems while change is constant, is stability an illusion? The world can be extremely overwhelming, and even more than that when we pay attention. It seems the second we have something figured out, something comes along to prove we have no idea what we’re talking about. Once we realize that change is inevitable no matter how hard we fight back, we’ll see that processing infinite microcosms is a fools errand, but processing how those infinite microcosms make up the exact same macrocosm, is the smartest thing we could ever do. When we discover microcosms and microclimates are the same, is the exact moment when we discover us humans are the same.” 🙂

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