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from the mind of critic-10/12/17

From the mind of critic: “If our fast food, strip mall, smart phone and bix box store culture continously surprises us with its fakeness, have we really asked why? If we constantly want things to be cheaper, faster and with more variety, but idolize mom and pop businesses, have we really asked why? The whole reason we get cake is to eat it, right? We all like to talk and talk, but when it comes to actions, many of us fail on the follow through. If we like quality local food, personal attention while shopping, personal interaction and a variety of businesses to choose from, but refuse to pay the extra couple bucks, giant mega corporations who can always undercut their competitor, will swoop in and fill the void. Once we realize that if we’re more authentic in our interactions, by talking the talk and walking the walk it leaves us fulfilled, we’ll see that we always get what we actually want, not what we say we want. We can have mom and pop businesses again if we demand them, and then support them. Big boxes become small boxes, when they lose our support.” 🙂

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