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from the mind of critic-10/14/17

From the mind of critic: “If we’ve beaten the cliche into our heads of the cops are never there when we need them, and always when we don’t, do we feel safe? If we call the cops when we do need them, and they arrive but say they can’t do anything, do we feel safe? If the cops are called on us, when we’re guilty of nothing more than being the wrong skin color in the wrong place at the wrong time, do we feel safe? Are the people parroting that we need to give up some rights for security, in such a supremacist position that they’re rights are never threatened, because they’re the ones that take rights from others? We fix our most ingrained and complex issues, by fixing ourselves. We fix ourselves by looking in the mirror, and realize the human form staring back, is the same human form as everybody else. We stop being scared of the other, when we stop being scared of ourselves.” 🙂

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