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from the mind of critic-10/3/17

From the mind of critic: “If the eternal flame at JFK’s grave is meant to burn forever, what fuels it? Does piped in gas fuel the flame, like a home fireplace? Does, truth, justice, humanism and accountability fuel the flame, like a human who has found their true home? Does the physical manifestation of a philisophical concept help explain the unexplainable, or does it fog over real meaning, as we become lost in a sea of confusion? The ideals that JFK and the whole Kennedy family stood for, stands in stark contrast to our current leader. Just how Trump is far from perfect, the Kennedy’s weren’t perfect either. Are human imperfections represented by the eternal flame, or the will to overcome adversity, or does the flame plainly represent a simpler time? Gas might fuel the physical flame, but humanity fuels the reason the flame was put there in the first place. If we forget why our eternal flame of humanity is lit or how, it will surely burn out. If we not only remember our humanity but practice it on a daily basis, it will remain lit through any weather or government. How eternal our flame is, has always been up to us.” 🙂

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