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from the mind of critic-10/4/17

From the mind of critic: “If our spiritual journey is a solo mission of understanding and consciousness, do we shy away from it because we fear being lonely for the rest of our lives? If we’re scared of being alone, but know we must to gain enlightenment, in what direction do we take our first step? If we understand the value of knowing thyself, and enjoy our alone time, but don’t wanna be alone forever, how do we balance self-reflection with loving and conscious human interaction? Balancing alone time with people time can be difficult, considering we can’t control people’s actions. Sometimes we need to be alone but can’t, and sometimes we need company, but aren’t able. Once we realize all we can control is our reactions and the love we excude, we’ll see the more love we put out, the more we get back. Being spiritual enlightened can be lonely, like nobody understands and nobody will love us the way we are. When this thinking gets ingrained, it closes the door. Will anybody walk through our door, who knows, but they’re guaranteed to find sombody elses if our door is closed.” 🙂

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