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from the mind of critic-10/5/17

From the mind of critic: “If we’ve continously kicked the can down the road for fear of temporary discomfort, are we surprised all the discomfort we’ve avoided has combined to cause us major harm? Do we think we developed immunity to general population issues, because out of sight, out of mind? Do we know the intelligence we think we’ve used to avoid glaring realities, is causing collective ignorance to rise so high, that very few of us saw the decades long build up to our current predicament? We can all ask how we got here till we’re blue in the face, but deep down we know. Those times when we sneered or made a comment about a fellow human not living up to our standards, it led us here. When we ignore people pleading for peace, truth and justice, because we say their claims are false when we know they’re true, but lash out because of jealousy over somebody standing up for their beliefs, when we’re to scared, it led us here. Once we realize true freedom doesn’t tear people down but builds them up, we’ll see that human rights aren’t finite, there are plenty to go around. Kicking the can might have been fun to play when we were kids, but will destroy our very existence if we play it as adults.” 🙂

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