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from the mind of critic-10/6/17

From the mind of critic: “If we ask what’s the matter with Kansas, do we also ask what’s the matter with Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee? Do we ask what’s the matter with California, New York, Washington and Vermont? Do we ever look in the mirror, and ask what’s the matter with ourselves? Whether we’re rich, poor, light skinned, dark skinned, college educated or a high school dropout, we’ve all wondered how somebody could vote against their own interests. How could people be poor and working class, yet vote for candidates and policies that benefit only the rich, believing it will will trickle down to them because the market itself spreads wealth. Once we realize trickle down economics has never worked because rich people hang onto their wealth when they gain more of it, we’ll see that if we’re poor, our problem isn’t other poor people, it’s the people who are keeping us all poor. What’s the matter with Kansas, is exactly what’s wrong with us. Once we stop seperating race and class, we’ll stop seperating ourselves.” 🙂

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