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from the mind of critic-11/24/17

From the mind of critic: “If we know that we can agree on 90% of things, but get caught up on the small 10%, do we realize it’s the identical concept as focusing on our differences, instead of our many sames? Do we believe fighting the hard battles first will get them out of the way, because fighting the easy ones last, will provide smooth sailing on the road to tranquility? Do we believe fighting the easy battles first is like taking the esy way out, by finding a solution that involves as little work as possible? In most of life, making things harder or easier than they need to be, can delete our critical thinking skills. When there are things we must do, starting with the hard and moving into the easy, can be very sensible. However, if we’re trying to fix complex generational problems, that are only complex because we’ve made them that way, doing the opposite is how we build sustainable and long lasting change instead of fleeting change, where we once again kick the can down the road. Once we realize that if we start conversations from the 90% where we agree, then move to the 10% where we don’t we’ll solve problems much more often, because we’re talking to each other like humans, we’ll see that putting somebody down for their differences, is like pointing out the difference between snowflakes, while failing to recognize it’s all snow. Starting conversations from the 90% where we agree, will give us a head start everytime in the race for unity.” 🙂

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