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from the mind of critic-11/25/17

From the mind of critic: “If fear dissappears when we have nothing to lose, does it reappear when we have everything to lose? Does fear permeate all the nooks, crannies and pores of everything and everybody we love, because it feels like it’s a part of us, and if we lose it, it feels like we’re losing part of ourselves? Do we believe this fear only permeates because we allow it, knowing worry only serves to make matters worse? Fear and worry are completely normal, just like love and excitement. Part of the balance of life is being thankful for what we have, because we know it can be taken away at anytime by infinite variables, that constantly reinvent themselves the second we get a handle on them. Not letting any emotion permeate is the key, by not holding any of them to tightly, we’ll recognize what they are, and be able to tell which build us up, tear us down and which will stunt our progress. If we want emotions to be real, we have to feel them, and let them teach us what they have to teach us. Recognizing our emotions can be scary, but become an enlightening act when we realize it’s another step in our conscious and collective evolution. Fear will never fully dissappear, because we always have something to lose. Fear can be shrunk and made much less significant however by simply feeling gratitude. Don’t believe me, just try it, you’ll see you have nothing to lose, and everythign to gain.” 🙂

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