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from the mind of critic-11/28/17

From the mind of critic: “If the object of any business is to crank out as much money as possible, are the employees nothing more than a business expense? Do the owners realize the employees are integral in making profit, but can be easily replaced because so many are hurting for work, therefore negating the need for humanity in all desicions? Do the employees know they’re integral but easily replacable, so they refrain from speaking up when wage and labor issues arise, even though those issues affect the employees, and therefore profits? Are people just numbers, when the people at the top only see numbers? Most corporate envirnoments are designed to make money, as are all other businesses. Problems arise when so much profit is squeezed out, that quality suffers. Why does quality suffer? When employees are not viewed as people, but interchangable robots, living wages, benefits, even simple human kindnesses are seen as unnecessary frills. Once we realize that happy employees are more productive, which in turn makes the company more money, we’ll see that not only will treating employees like humans make the company more money, and stimulate the economy because employees have more money to spend, but it will close the ever widening wealth gap between rich and poor. Capitalism does work as a system, but only when it works for all of us.” 🙂

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