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from the mind of critic-11/29/17

From the mind of critic: “If true unity is to be acheived, can there be any seperation? For us to truly see ourselves as equal to each other, do we have to admit we’re different? Do we truly have to respect our differences before we respect our sames, or do we belive unity is only acheived if we’re all exactly identical? While it’s true the term unity is subjective, humanity is not. Our view on what unity means can differ depending on our background, and what people have ingained in us. However, that doesn’t excuse treating others as non-human. Once we see each other as having the same basic wants and needs, we’ll realize that although we come from different places, with different beliefs, skin tones and opinions, we’re all the same by virtue of each having unique experinces. True unity is realizing our differences don’t tear us apart, but bring us closer together.” 🙂

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