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from the mind of critic-11/30/17

From the mind of critic: “If we know who we are and what we want, is it harder to get? Does the confusion and lack of self knowledge that surrounds most of the population, bleed into our thinking, making us question the authenticity of our character and our dreams? Does all our hard work, diligence, knowledge and determination to acheive our goals make people notice, and then help us acheive, helping them to acheive as well? Does our lonliness yearning, longing and hope of finding love and success, hurt our chances because we’re blocking opportunities? Does not being completely honest with how we feel, make these feelings worse when they become blatantly obvious? Being honest with ourselves is the first step, being honest with what we want is the second. Putting in the hard work and paying our dues to acheive our dreams is the third. The fourth is tricky, this is the step where other people need to help and guide us, because we can’t do everything ourselves. However, sometimes they steer us away and block us from our dreams. The discernment in knowing the difference, can only come from being an expert on step one and two. If we want to find love, we can’t force somebody love us. On the same token, if we want success, we can’t force somebody to praise us or buy our product. If we haven’t acheived yet but still want to, we guarantee failure by thinking it will never happen. We acheive by being open and honest, atleast I hope so.” 🙂

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