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from the mind of critic-12/1/17

From the mind of critic: “If life is full of cycles and balances, how do we keep those cycles in balance so we don’t run off the road into a ditch? Do we ignore all signs in front of us, which enhances each cycle because we aren’t acknowledging their existence? Do we become hyper aware of society, and see what feeds these cycles by over analyzing our actions, which divulges the cycles design, but inherently puts us out of balance because we’re acting not like humans, but robots? Can we figure out how these cycles work, that they can be positive or negative, and how we can influence them, without taking away all the joy and splendor of life’s beautiful moments? Learning lessons, means being open to learn something we didn’t know before. However, if our take away is to delete humanity in favor of scientific theory, we’ve missed the whole point. Losing weight, bad relationships and failures all have cycles attached, that will catch us in their spokes if we’re not paying attention. Success in life, love and joy are also cycles whose spokes can suck us in. There are positive cycles and negative cycles, both can cause us despair by way of apathy and complacency. The way we balance these cycles which balances our life, is self-knowledge through gratitude for everything we have. Building ourselves up and not tearing ourselves down, is how success is born.” 🙂

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