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from the mind of critic-12/2/17

From the mind of critic: “If we’ve grown so used to foggy skies blocking any light from poking through, do we ignore random light bursts, believing them to be phony? Do we only see the light when it’s so abundant, that it makes us squint? Do we only see light when it’s very spotty and scattered, believing the fog to be so powerful, that if there is a sky full of light, then it must be a ploy? Do we have the ability to make fog and light more powerful, by how we percieve society? Through our perceptions, we create our own realities. It is through these realities that we reinforce or chip away at built up negativity, which can also be said for positivity. Once we realize the world is only is only as positive or negative as we choose to see it, we’ll see the more positivity we believe is possible, the more will show up. The more light that shows up, the more we’ll believe is possible, creating an uplifting cycle we can all acheive. Life is full of choices and possibilities. Light will always build us up, if we allow in it’s abundant and conscious power.” 🙂

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