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from the mind of critic-12/30/17

From the mind of critic: “If old movies, TV shows, books and comic books are recycled, repackaged and reintroduced every decade or so, are old attitudes, opinions and arguments recycled at the same rate? Do we get so blinded by the struggle to survive, that we don’t see the inevitable connections between generations, and the lessons they did and didn’t learn? Does putting more energy into changing laws than people’s antiquated views, cause demeaning, bigoted, racist, intolerant and violent rhetoric to pop up, whenever the population gets so complacent and apathetic they think racism has completely dissappeared? The argument could be made that old ideas are recycled, because there aren’t any new ones. That because everything has been done before, we have no hope for original thought. This is how despotic governments grow their power, by deeming human thought heresy, because the top dog always has the final say. Let’s make a pact as humans moving forward into this new year, that we’ll abandon our ignorance, shaming, blaming and scheming, in favor of humanism, accountability and kindness. Not only could it be the start of an evolutionary conversation, but also the physical representation of not kicking the can down the road, but opening the can and dealing with it’s contents. Recycling is a good thing, as long as it moves us forward, and not backward. The opposite of apathy, is consciousness.”

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