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from the mind of critic-12/5/17

From the mind of critic: “If we want to improve our station in life, do we simply turn the dial? Do we hit the seek button, which automatically scrolls through all stations, stopping on the first that’s clear? Do we manually scroll through and stop on the first clear station? Do we keep tuning the radio until we find not just any station, but the one we’re actually looking for? We all want to make our lives better, especially when we see all these people doing all these great things. We must ask ourselves, do we know what we’re looking for? Are we looking for any great thing, or our great thing? Once we realize the first step in improving our station is finding what that station is, we’ll see that until we find our passion, we’ll glom onto any opportunity that brings us fleeting happiness, instead of the long term joy we’re all seeking. We can improve our station, when we find our passion. We do that, when we stop hitting the seek button.” 🙂

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