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from the mind of critic-2/10/18

From the mind of critic: “If a running backs’ main objective is to reach the endzone, do they flinch when 1200 pounds of enemy are flying at them? Do they wait for their teammates to block, allowing for openings to the endzone? Do they run straight at their opponents, believing brute strength and determination will destroy anything? Do they strategize a trick play with their teammates, out-flanking and out-manuevering by out-smarting their pursuers? Figuring out our goals is tough, figuring out how to acheive them is even tougher. We might get scared of distraction, violence and downright ugliness, endlessly streaming between us and our goals. We can wait for our friends to do the hard work, so our path is nothing but smooth sailing. We can pile everything on our shoulders, believing if we don’t do everything ourselves, it won’t get done. We can work with like-minded people, (i.e. most humans) and help each other out so we as a species survive. Once we discover the pure joy which emits from consciously hyposthesizing how to walk our personal path, we’ll see true enlightenment is collective. Enemies will attempt to block us on a daily basis, we find success when we decipher the difference between enemy and helper. Asking for help when we need it doesn’t make us weak, it makes us willing to succeed. Our oppenents’ drive for control only works, when we relinquish the steering wheel.” 🙂


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