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from the mind of critic-2/14/18

From the mind of critic: “If nice guys finish last and assholes finish first, will we ever evolve further? If assholes are finally getting there judgment day, is it just the famous ones? If nice guys are finally getting their due, is it only the good looking ones? Does low self esteem color our thinking, making us believe we wont succeed because we aren’t worthy? Do we live by “it is what it is”, expecting current labels and dichotomies to be forever constant? Do we live by example, because if we don’t portray the example we want to see, definitions won’t matter? Do we know there are exceptions to every rule, and through these exceptions we create new rules?Labels and stereotypes steer our perceptions, no matter our life experience. However, we only get steered if we let go of the wheel. Nice guys might finish last, because they haven’t met somebody ready for a nice guy. Assholes might finish first, because they only look for somebody who isn’t ready for a nice guy. Truth is, nothing is as it seems. Nice guys can finish first, if they enter the right race. Questions stop behaviors from becoming cliches. Being the change we want to see, involves changing the way we see.” 🙂


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