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from the mind of critic-2/15/18

From the mind of critic: “Is the day after a religious holiday, different from a Hallmark invented recognition? Are created memories inherently vital when linked to historical text, or when linked to a greeting card company? Have religious holidays been so commercialized, they make vastly more money than hoidays created solely for making money? Do we judge a holidays’ importance by what we get, or who we spend it with? Does a holiday lose importance if we have no memories tied to it, just like bad memories? I’ll be the first to admit Valentines has no significance for me, because I haven’t had a reason to celebrate since I was 20. It doesn’t mean I won’t celebrate it in the future, I could meet the woman of my dreams at anytime. We must recognize that we all celebrate for different reasons, and the same reasons at the same time. Whether a holiday is relgious or not, we shouldn’t let anything tell us to celebrate but our soul; not religious text, not ingrained generational beliefs and definetly not greeting card companies. Celebrating ourselves, allows us to celebrate others. Holidays make celebrating a chore, only if we forget why we celebrate. Being different and the same can make humans hard to define, but the more we’re consicous of our actions, the easier definitions become.” 🙂


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