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from the mind of critic-2/17/18

From the mind of critic: “If we swallow our pride, are we swallowing our self-esteem? Does compromising on some of our principles, mean we don’t care about them? Does the natural give and take of negotiation feel like we’re ceding control, to take the crumbs we’re thrown? Does pride equal self-esteem, or does self-knowledge? The Rolling Stones said years ago, “We can’t always get what we want, but if we try sometimes we’ll get what we need.” Once we realize putting out to the universe what we want, and letting go of outcomes is how we get what we need, we’ll see swallowing our pride only means losing ourselves, if we don’t know what we stand for. Our self-esteem only drops, if validation is our only motivation. Compromise isn’t a dirty word, it’s nothing but an alias for evolution. The more we know ourselves, the less we lose ourselves.” 🙂


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