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from the mind of critic-2/20/18

From the mind of critic: “If we’re blinded by the light, how do we move forward without losing our vision? Do we get revved up like duece, powering through like a runner in the night? Do we move like a snail, where slow and steady wins the race? Do we think critically about the actions we take, so we venture more strategically? Are we really blinded by the light, or are we blinded by ourselves? The ever widening chaos between human factions, can cause suppossed shortages in emotion, humanity, resources, critical thinking and success. That’s not to say some resources aren’t finite, dwindling ice caps, mild winters and drought prove we don’t live in overabundance. Once we realize being blinded by the light causes us to forsake all others, because we think our needs are all that matters, we’ll see recognizing humanity and feeling gratitude fills us with positivity throughout our journey, so we don’t have to race toward the light, stuck in a me versus you mentality. Gulping water when we’re dying of thirst, is like inhaling beauty into an empty soul, it’ll make us sick unless we pace ourselves. Our vision of a better world, is fueled by gratitude and critical thought. We stop getting blinded by the light, when we stop spotlighting our destination, and allow our path to be illuminated.” 🙂


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