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from the mind of critic-2/7/18

From the mind of critic: “Does the sharpness of an ice skate, equal the ease with which we skate? Does it matter if the ice has been resurfaced, where all cracks and crevices are filled in, so we don’t stumble as we skate by? Does a high or low air temperature,ease our skating experience? Are hockey or figure skates easier? Does the person wearing the skates, detremine the trail blazed? The thin ice layed our before us, has infinite variables determining it’s thickness and sustainability. We could sharpen our skates, we could learn skating from a professional, hell we could even study weather patterns to decipher ideal skating time. However, unless we test the ice, we’ll never know exactly what it’s like to move forward. Yeah the surface under our feet may be slick, rutted even watery, all obstacles meant to quantify our passion and determination; but we can always skate forward, we just have to rememeber how, by remembering why. The thin ice of a new day is intimidating, but becomes easier with freshly, self-sharpened skates. Obstacles only impede our evolution with our permission.” 🙂


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