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from the mind of critic-2/8/18

From the mind of critic: “Is the art of complaining designed for redress of grievances, or self-aggrandizement? Does the intent of complaints depend on the complainer, and their spiritual and emotional well being? Do we complain after a situation is over, when nothing can be done to allieviate the issue we spelled out? Do we complain while an issue is happening, so the problem can be fixed? Do we want problems fixed, or do we want to make ourselves sound more important by pointing out others’ faults? Avoiding an argument over semantics, complaining and standing up could be considered the same, depending on the angle it’s viewed. Maybe the difference is action, where complaining involves literating problems so others act, while standing up involves taking action ourselves. Motivating others to take action is never a bad thing, as long as the suggested action will actually fix the underlying problem. Tearing others down just to build ourselves up might make us President, but will destroy our humanity. Complaints that lead to action when we are unable is called standing up, complaints purposely delivered to late for action, is ego building. To fix problems we must fix them now, not later.” 🙂


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