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from the mind of critic-2/9/18

From the mind of critic: “If bad publicity is better than no publicity, is it because what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger? Does overcoming adversity further our evolution, infinitely more than never being challenged? Does there come a time when we crave negative attention, believing we’re unworthy of any other? Are we cynical of positive attention, because we’ve been lied to, misled and put down so often, we believe it’s the only thing that’s real? Many microcosms exist within good and bad qualities, which shift depending on our perceptions, mood and life experience. Bad publicity can be good for an artist, because those who aren’t fans will tell more people to check things out, than people who are fans. Bad publicity can be bad, if we believe all good publicity is fake. Many examples exist, social media, television, books, where influence and potential for good and bad exist, but get steered by our views and opinions. The road to hell is only paved with good intentions, if we’re devoid of meaningful action. Bad publicity can be good if we’re unseating tyrants who feel threatened, but not if we allow negativity to destroy the best parts of our soul. How we guage our reactions, depends on what we feel we deserve.” 🙂


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