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from the mind of critic – 3/13/18

From the mind of critic: “If we wish it was sunny when it’s raining, and raining when it’s sunny, are we ever satisfied? Do drought condtions blip on our radar, when it’s pouring? Do outside activities blip on our radar, when it’s balmy? Do we feel like a doormat, if we’re not complaining that things could be better? Does the energy and self-worth required to find balance between how things are and how things should be, seem like to much effort? Does looking for the bright side, make us ignore reality, or further our definition? The weather is always a safe topic to start a conversation with, everybody has an opinion. We go wrong when we let those opinions color our perceptions as overly positive or overly negative. Once we realize that positivity and negativity aren’t at loggerheads but symbiotic, we’ll see the more truthful our langauage, the more balanced our actions become when deciphering root causes. We all want life to be better, the more truthful steps we uncover, the closer we’ll be. When our actions match our thoughts, success matches our integrity. To much rain or sun is bad, just like to much positivity or negativity. Balancing what we truly think with what we say is hard, but the authenticity excuded is the foundation for a fulfilling life.” 🙂


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