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from the mind of critic-9/28/17

From the mind of critic: “If we think of ourselves as informed consumers, so our money is well spent, do we think of ourselves as informed humans, so our time is well spent? Do we assign the same value to money, as we do time? What do we view as more valuable? We can spend, waste, count, enjoy or create money, which is also the same for time. Niether concept is real, both only exist as real because we put our faith in them that they are real. Once we realize that money and time only control us because we allow them to, we’ll see that critical thinking gives us the ability to make our own decisions, and the knowledge to know the difference between fleeting happiness and long term joy. We can spend money, and we can spend time. We just have to ask ourselves, what’s more important, outer happiness or inner joy? Only our soul knows the answer.” 🙂

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