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from the mind of critic-9/30/17

From the mind of critic: “If the payoff is never as big as the hype, why do we buy in? Do we put more faith into what could be, or what actually is? Do we know we’re setting ourselves up for dissappointment, but move forward anyway, knowing this might be one of those anomalies we’ve always heard about, but never seen in practice? We’ve all heard the cliche, expect the worse so we never get dissapointed when things don’t work out. Where we go wrong is always expecting bad things to happen, so not only are we not prepared for good things to happen, but aren’t set up to sustain them either because we don’t believe they’re real. Once we realize that life becomes more balanced when we stop expecting and start accepting, we’ll see that not only will our attitude become more positive, but our perceptions will discover that good things can, and do happen. When we see payoffs and hype for the false pictures they paint, the true beauty of the world appears.” 🙂

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