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from the mind of critic-12/15/17

From the mind of critic: “If we are what we eat, are we what we do, act, think and believe? Does each aspect of our personality define us, making it hard to find a black and white definition? Do we define each aspect of our personality, making every moment, thought and event a possible rewriting of preconceptions? Do we say things like we are what we eat, because saying parts of our personality make up our personality only seems redundant, if we don’t think about why things happen? If we complain about things happening, but don’t ask why they happened, we’ve guaranteed they will happen again, and with greater intensity. Our personalities are formed by our perceptions, which are formed by life experience, which is formed by the society we’ve created. If we want to make positive change, we have to undertsand what goes into creating an environment where that’s a possibility. To lay the foundation for that environment, we must ask critical questions, and be skeptical of easy answers. Our personality is made up of many different parts. If we spend all our time figuring that out, we won’t see all the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of growing and evolving. Getting stuck on the first step, prevents us from climbing the ladder.” 🙂

from the mind if critic-12/15/17

From the mind of critic: “What do we do when our anger is so hot and sticky, that it melts through our soul? What happens when our sadness is so cold and icy, that it freezes over our soul? What do we do when our emptiness is so barren and gaunt, that we’re a distant reflection of our former selves? Do we stop, refraining from any action whatsoever, so we can curl up in a cocoon as our only safe place? Do we continue losing ourselves a little more each day, simply so we can pay our bills and survive, digging ourselves deeper and deeper, as the paycheck writers grow richer and richer? We all have to work, we all have to do our part. What we don’t have to do, is being treated as not human. I realize that businesses and corporations have profits to worry about, along with bills, insurance and remodeling. What many of them miss is the human factor, the thing that makes them money in the first place. When employees are thought of as commodities and not living breathing humans, they become less happy, less willing to go the extra mile, and much less productive. What compounds matters even more, is when we do recieve human treatment, only to immediately flip due to an ownership change. This makes us question everything, like why the hell am i still here. This emotional roller coaster can break us, and can shrink our soul until we’re an empty shell. Getting rid of anger, sadness, and emptiness, means gathering joy. Which means we have to make changes, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. We can start bringing in joy, when we stop bringing ourselves misery.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/13/17

From the mind of critic: “If there are many different holidays this time of year, is the reason we celebrate the same? Do we light candles, say prayers, sing songs and make great food for the same reason? Do we gather friends and family to share light for the same reason? Have we convinced ourselves that we celebrate for different reasons, because we don’t comprehend why we ourselves celebrate? If no one person is better than another, than niether is one holiday better than another. I may be inundated with christmas stuff during december, but it’s not gonna take away the specialness I have for hanukkah. Just like somebody celebrating hanukkah, isn’t gonna take away from the specialness of christmas for somebody else. We might have different holidays, recognizing different historical events or telling different stories, but we celebrate for the same reason, because all our relgions and belief and non-belief structures are the same at their roots. Treating others like we’d like to be teated, remembering to share and loving our fellow human being because we’re journeying with them not because we’re above them, is what we strive for in our personal lives, as well as our religious or non-religous lives. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we can celebrate together. Isn’t strong and sustainable unity what we all strive for? We can love each other, when we beging loving ourselves.”

from the mind of critic-12/12/17

From the mind of critic: “Is there a balance between evolving with the times, and not going with whichever way the wind blows? Can we critically think, using our own thoughts and beliefs, while still growing into better people? Can we expect change, but feel grounded in our beliefs? Can we expect the unexpected, while expecting certain things to always happen? Learning, deciphering and knowing who we are and what we think, is always a good thing. Not thinking we have to grow any further, is where we go wrong. We don’t have all the answers, but we have some, and become joyful when we understand this concept. Teenagers think they know everything, some adults do as well, proving they haven’t grown out of this teenage phase. Once we realize that deciphering when to change and when to stay the same depends on treating others like we like to be treated, we’ll see putting others down for being different, is a concrete example of not accepting change, and actively fighting against it, when we know change is inevitable anyway. The key to balance, is realizing black and white explanantions don’t exist.”

from the mind of critic-12/8/17

From the mind of critic: “If blinds are meant to deflect light coming or block it all together, what do we do if they’re broken? Do we hang a sheet as a temporary fix, knowing it may or may not work, but atleast we’re under the illusion that it does? Do we go without blinds, using our hand to block the light? Do we not care if the blinds are broken, because the light is going to shine whether we filter it or not? We make many choices in life, none more important than whether to let light in, and at what volume. With how dark the world can seem, light can be hard to see. Politics and religion can block all light or bring it in, depending on our perceptions. Which brings it back to how much light we choose to let in or see. Once we realize that we don’t have to be blinded by the light, or swallowed by the darkness, we’ll see that allowing light to shine only blinds us when we don’t use it to benefit ourselves, specifically so we can benefit the planet. Blinds may let light in, but it’s our soul which absorbs it.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/7/17

From the mind of critic: “If we want to change our lives for the better, is it because we believe our current position isn’t desirable? Do we only want to move forward from where we’re at, because of all the progress we’ve made so far? Does earning more money, make us think we’re more successful? Does this want to make things better, serve to fully define how good we currently have it? Whether it’s getting a better job or a better life, we all want to keep improving, growing and evolving. While we’re deciphering which path to take, we must ask ourselves what we value more, time or money? Would we rather make a few more dollars an hour, or have time for family dinners, keep appointments and feed our passions? Melding these concepts is ideal, but doesn’t always play out that way in reailty. Which brings us back to what we want, need and look to get out of life. Being miserable because we don’t have time, is never worth a few more dollars an hour. Feeling gratitude for everything we have is how we grow truly rich. To truly change our lives for the better, we must evolve with our passion, not despite it. Money brings fleeting happiness, time brings inner joy when we use it to feed our soul.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/6/17

From the mind of critic: “If holiday spirit causes humanity to ooze from our actions this time of year, have we ever wondered why? Is it because we think of family, and all want to be close to them? Do we believe nobody wants to feel unloved, because we sure don’t? Do we give to the poor, because nobody should go without, or freeze their butt off this time of year? Do we smile more, wave more, love more, sing more and care more? If all great things that make us human are heightened this time of year, we must ask why. If we ask ourselves that honestly, we’ll get an honest answer. Once we have that honest answer, we’ll see that the only thing stopping us from having that warm feeling all year, is us. Whether it’s Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, something else or nothing at all, we’re all human and wanted to be treated as such. The more we remember that, the more problems we’ll solve. Which is something we all wish would happen year round.”

from the mind of critic-12/5/17

From the mind of critic: “If we want to improve our station in life, do we simply turn the dial? Do we hit the seek button, which automatically scrolls through all stations, stopping on the first that’s clear? Do we manually scroll through and stop on the first clear station? Do we keep tuning the radio until we find not just any station, but the one we’re actually looking for? We all want to make our lives better, especially when we see all these people doing all these great things. We must ask ourselves, do we know what we’re looking for? Are we looking for any great thing, or our great thing? Once we realize the first step in improving our station is finding what that station is, we’ll see that until we find our passion, we’ll glom onto any opportunity that brings us fleeting happiness, instead of the long term joy we’re all seeking. We can improve our station, when we find our passion. We do that, when we stop hitting the seek button.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/2/17

From the mind of critic: “If we’ve grown so used to foggy skies blocking any light from poking through, do we ignore random light bursts, believing them to be phony? Do we only see the light when it’s so abundant, that it makes us squint? Do we only see light when it’s very spotty and scattered, believing the fog to be so powerful, that if there is a sky full of light, then it must be a ploy? Do we have the ability to make fog and light more powerful, by how we percieve society? Through our perceptions, we create our own realities. It is through these realities that we reinforce or chip away at built up negativity, which can also be said for positivity. Once we realize the world is only is only as positive or negative as we choose to see it, we’ll see the more positivity we believe is possible, the more will show up. The more light that shows up, the more we’ll believe is possible, creating an uplifting cycle we can all acheive. Life is full of choices and possibilities. Light will always build us up, if we allow in it’s abundant and conscious power.” 🙂

from the mind of critic-12/1/17

From the mind of critic: “If life is full of cycles and balances, how do we keep those cycles in balance so we don’t run off the road into a ditch? Do we ignore all signs in front of us, which enhances each cycle because we aren’t acknowledging their existence? Do we become hyper aware of society, and see what feeds these cycles by over analyzing our actions, which divulges the cycles design, but inherently puts us out of balance because we’re acting not like humans, but robots? Can we figure out how these cycles work, that they can be positive or negative, and how we can influence them, without taking away all the joy and splendor of life’s beautiful moments? Learning lessons, means being open to learn something we didn’t know before. However, if our take away is to delete humanity in favor of scientific theory, we’ve missed the whole point. Losing weight, bad relationships and failures all have cycles attached, that will catch us in their spokes if we’re not paying attention. Success in life, love and joy are also cycles whose spokes can suck us in. There are positive cycles and negative cycles, both can cause us despair by way of apathy and complacency. The way we balance these cycles which balances our life, is self-knowledge through gratitude for everything we have. Building ourselves up and not tearing ourselves down, is how success is born.” 🙂

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