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from the mind of critic-2/1/18

From the mind of critic: “When we want something so bad we can taste it, is the ferocity of our desire, equal to the time we’re alloted? Does not having enough time increase this ferocity? Does having less time make us spend it more wisely, because we have no wiggle room? Finding our passion is amazing, working that passion is more so. Creating an environment where that passion works for us, where we spend the time required because it’s how we make our living, is more amazing still, but also more difficult. There is a reason the phrase struggling artist is a cliche, it’s hard to make a living. What makes it hard, is knowing how much time and effort is required to make that living at our passion, but are unable to dedicate that time because we work 40 hours a week. How do we make time, when we don’t have time? How can we get help when we either can’t afford it, or don’t know anybody? How do we become successful when we do get help, but instead of alleviating stress by creating free time for us, it creates more stress by creating more possible actions? I don’t know the answer, or I probably wouldn’t have written this piece today. All i know is working my passion makes me joyful, which motivates me to keep moving forward. If we build it, will they come? Will they show up before it’s fully built, because we know it’s exactly what the construction process needs? I sure as hell hope so.” 🙂


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