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from the mind of critic-2/13/18

From the mind of critic: “If we’re not suppossed to look a gift horse in the mouth, are we suppossed to look a gift horse in the butt? Is there a difference between always expecting the worst to happen, and thinking everyone is a horse’s ass? Does being grateful for what we have, ensure we don’t make perfect the enemy of the good? Many people are a horse’s ass, but if we think all humans are equine turd factories, we should take a look in the mirror. Always expecting the worst or best, sets false expectations because we aren’t psychic. We shouldn’t expect anything, take each moment for what it is, take the good, leave the bad, and learn the lesson it has to teach. Expecting perfection causes us to look a gift horse in the mouth, expecting the unexpected causes us to be thankful for whatever comes. If we’re not grateful for whaat we have, how can we recieve what we want? Life is only chaotic, if we think we have it all figured out.” 🙂


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