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from the mind of critic-2/2/18

From the mind of critic: “If inherant hypocrisy drives us through the looking glass, is it that same hypocisy which drives our return? Does the human condition of perception creation, foster non black and white critical thought? Does group think always enter into adaption, or is it edited out for fear of creativity loss? Does the looking glass only provide false hope, because we believe our journey through it, will provide infinite answers without any additional critical thought required? Life can be so chaotic, that the only idea that doesn’t make our brain explode, is things aren’t alway as they seem. Falsities are so prevalent, that we must ask questions to keep our minds from spinning out of control. Some of us may choose ignorance, thinking it will be more comfortable. Some will ask questions, but only till a self-imposed arbitrary point, where asking questions is seen as no longer needed. Asking questions is a constant and life long process, which may provide temporary discomfort, but will drive our positive and collective evolution forward. Going through the looking glass won’t automatically solve all our problems, it is only the first step.” 🙂


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