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from the mind of critic-2/3/18

From the mind of critic: “If at first we don’t succeed, what motivates us to try, try again? Do our dreams help keep us focused, so we know what’s truly important? Do we believe in a better day so strongly, that we view overcoming adversity simply as marathon training? Do we respond when somebody cuts us down, just to prove them wrong, or to prove ourselves wrong? Does doing the right thing, involve doing what some would consider the wrong thing? Having hopes, goals, dreams and aspirations keeps us sane, in a otherwise insane world. Working toward success at these passions is hard work, which includes people evangelizing that we can’t succeed. Sometimes we fall, stumble and scrape our knee, sometimes we even fail. We must never get so discouraged that we obsess over what others tell us we can’t do, we should be grateful for everything we can do; which consists of deleting outside negativity, and especially the inside variety. We try, tray again because we believe we will succeed. If we don’t believe success is possible, what’s the purpose of trying at all?” 🙂


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