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from the mind of critic-3/17/18

From the mind of critic: “If blue skies smile upon us, do dark skies frown upon us? Does the positivity we feel from blue sky and the negativity we feel from dark sky, a direct result of environmental condtions? Does physical representations reveal an image, but our perceptions, experiences and emotional condtions determine whether we view that image as good or bad? Do our inner thoughts become our outer thoughts, through validation of what we observe? Most of us agree a sunny and blue day makes us happy, and a dark and stormy day makes us sad. Assuming these feelings are infinitely constant, ignores the multitude of levels, layers and reactions life reveals on a daily basis. We could be sad when it’s sunny because of trauma, happy when it’s stormy because we need the rain, or anything and everything inbetween. What we think, determines what we see. Biases block us from authenticity, by cementing black and white thinking. Blue skies and dark skies are a glimpse, physical and emotional reactions help us define those glimpses. Beautiful and uplifting moments flow, when we’re open to possibilities.”


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