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from the mind of critic-3/21/18

From the mind of critic: “If Thomas Edison had the patent to the electric car over 100 years ago, why aren’t there more on the roads? Did the oil companies get too powerful, and squashed their competition? Did the big car companies partner with the oil companies, and squash their competition? Did the electric companies partner with big oil and big car, to not build a powerful enough grid, necessary for a nation of electric cars, thereby squashing their competition? Does money and pwoer always win against the the will of the people, or do the people simply need to coalesce their power to overcome? When there’s a buck to be made, someone will come along to snatch up the power and influence that goes along with. When a new technology comes along that threatens the flowing money stream, even if the new technology would benefit the people and the world, something will come along to put it down. The fact that we should have a power grid fueled by alternative energy to sustain millions of electric cars, and pure gas cars should be getting a 100 mpg by now, is besides the point. Greed will always beat timidity, until the lion is awoken. Caring for people and making a profit can both happen, when our ideas are mutually beneficial. Saving the environment, is saving humanity. Money and power only beat us, if we buy into their illusion. If we don’t want to get beaten down by unwarranted advice and condescension, we must stand up and never sit.” 🙂


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