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from the mind of critic-3/6/18

From the mind of critic: “If a rearview mirror tells us objects are clsoer than they appear, do dreams act the same? Does looking behind us too much, make us forget what’s in front of us? Does obsessing about old memories, block us from making new ones? Dreams make things closer than they appear, because they remind us what we can accomplish when we put in the work. As we journey through life we get glimpses, moments of how beautiful life can be. Sometimes these glimpses appear closer than they actually are, because we aren’t allowing ourselves to experience them. If we think good things only exist for others, it’s because we percieve ourselves as not worthy. Once we realize these moments, these little things really do make life worth living, we’ll see our hopes, dreams and goals are as close as they appear, if we’re ready for them. The realities we percieve, are equal to the actions we take. We create new memories not by obsessing about old ones, but by learning from them. Rearview mirrors and windsheilds working in tandem help us evolve, not either or.”


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