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from the mind of critic-4/17/18

From the mind of critic: “Can we recognize our fear of the unknown, without letting it color our thinking? Can we admit we’re scared of unknown outcomes, and still chase our dreams? Is the answer we’re looking for like dust in the wind, or like a careening meteor? Going through a dark tunnel and not physically seeing the light, but imagining it, can be a struggle. It can feel like we’re constructing an ideal world in our mind, we hope plays out in reality. This is when following our heart begins, because although we’re only imagining light, we feel the physical effects. Problems arise when following our heart is what we’ve always been told must be done, so we hone our skills in the trade, only to find out we still need to pay our bills. The obvious goal is to pay our bills while simultaneously following our heart, but that doesn’t always happen, and can often pull us in oppostie directions, which exacerbates our fear of the unknown because our mind spins out of control. We mustn’t give up on following our heart however no matter how stressed, scared or anxious we are, about what may or may not happen. This when we have to keep our eyes on the prize, by moving in the right direction no matter how fruitless it may seem. Letting go of outcomes, means letting go of obsessions. Paying bills and following our heart can be symbiotic, we just have to figure out how. We can make the unknown a roadblock, or a speed bump. Things may or may not work out, but we’ll never know unless we try.” 🙂


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