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from the mind of critic-5/17/18

From the mind of critic: “If we acheive what we didn’t think possible, are we skeptical of the outcome? Did we believe it had such a low probability of happening, that we never got our hopes up? Did these low expectations cause our low enthusiasm, when we should be happy we succeeded at something that took great effort? Does the switch from not very likely to definitely happening present great difficulty, or are we allowing our self sabotage to destroy what should be cause for great celebration? Acheiving our goals should always be cause for celebration, even if our overworked and sleep deprived mind looks for reasons not to. We must always remember to celebrate triumphs and overcoming hurdles, recognizing we acheived what we set out to do. Sometimes our energy is so burned out from striving, that we don’t have any left for recognition. Sometimes we get so locked into low probabilities, that it’s hard to flip that switch. Maybe we were so sure something wouldn’t happen that we let go of the outcome, which actually raised our chances of success because we weren’t obsessing. Once we realize that balancing positive visualization and letting go of outcomes is the key to success, we’ll see not focusing on results breeds success, and recognizing success breeds more. Letting go of outcomes breed success, which needs recognition to be authentic. Achieving goals, is why we work hard. Self recognition is only egotistical, if we use it to degrade others. Dark tunnels are only scary, if we allow the light at the end to be overshadowed.” 🙂
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