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from the mind of critic-5/18/18

From the mind of critic: “If a sporting event goes into sudden death, do we get excited because the name entails only one side will make it alive? Are we let down when one side finnaly ends it, and both sides may be extremely tired, but leave with the same numbers they started with? Do we feign excitement because although sudden death is deplorable to us, we keep our mouths shut for fear we’ll become sudden death’s newest forced competitor? Do we feign disgust, because although sudden death excites the most primal of our animal instincts, we keep our mouths shut for fear we’ll be pegged as the monsters we really are, but have yet to admit? Now obviously games that use the term sudden death to refer to overtime, are marketed to the basest of our base levels as beings at the top of the food chain. We must ask why this is, and how much society would be different if we didn’t use overt and covert coded language. Is the increase of violent attacks linked to our metastisizing numbness of violent language, let alone school shootings, which many believe nothing can be done about? Once we realize the glorification and increasing monetization of violence causes some of us to believe it’s okay to commit, we’ll see that if we can’t even treat the symptoms, we sure as hell won’t find a cure. When labels are placed without critical thought, violence will surely follow. Numbness to society isn’t a coping mechanism, it’s ignorance. Language might not mean anything, but it means everything. We stop violence, by walking the walk.” 🙂
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