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from the mind of critic-5/19/18

From the mind of critic: “If balance is the key to life, and guaging authenticity of thought to reality on the ground is the key to emotional stability, what is the key to our personal search for truth? Does balancing microcosms within a macrocosm within all our macrocosms, within everybody else’s macrocosms, provide black and white, step by step, chronological instructions? Does ignorant unconsciousness provide a blissful image of what we believe to be our reality, but is actually created by moneychangers to control us? Does finding a middle ground between knowing what’s going, not knowing and not getting hung up on outcomes, provide leeway to make on the spot, pragmatic decisions for our highest good? Does labeling an idea or living it, hinder or enhance our evoution? Understanding that language means everything and nothing at the same time, means we’re open minded and joyful, not egotistical and cynically self sabotaging. If we want to locate our path, we can’t be so fixated on an idea, that we paint all others as lies. What we believe to be our truth, could be a wolf in sheeps clothing, that’s blocking us from our actual truth. We must be open to possibilities, if we wanna evolve. Believing we’re the center of the universe, proves we’re the exact opposite. Authentic balance, means knowing definitions change from person to person. To search for truth, means being ready to find it.” 🙂
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