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from the mind of critic-5/2/18

From the mind of critic: “If we don’t let things get us down, are we in control of our emotions, or blinded to them? Are we like a swingset, where we control how high or low we get? Are we a seesaw, where we control our height half the time, while somebody else controls the other half? Are we a merry go round, where we have no control at all and are just along for the ride? What we view as a filter of our emotions so we can mostly keep them under control, others can view as us blinding ourselves to what’s in front of us. If we’re all unique and living unique experiences, our reactions would be different by definition. Thats not to say one man’s emtional genius is another’s sociopath, but then again one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter so who knows. Once we realize controlling our emotions doesn’t mean shutting them off, we’ll see the less we depend on others for emotional updates, and the more we honestly look inside our own soul for answers, the more stable we’ll be. Nothing can drag us down, except ourselves. Filtering our emotions is like filtering a pool, we wouldn’t want to wade through crap in either one. Life might be a merry go round, but we control the speed of joy we recieve. If we know others are blinding themselves to reality, do we know if we are blinding ourselves?” 🙂
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