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from the mind of critic-5/23/18

From the mind of critic: If making people laugh is the best way to make them think, are some us such uncritical thinkers we’ve forgotten how to laugh? Has the ingrained minutea of survival, caused us to only see darkness? Has the ingrained minutea of survival, caused us to make the best of things? Can laughter happen without critical thought, or must it always contain some thought, if even on a subconscious level? They say laughter is the best medicine, an elixir to mend broken hearts, ease worried minds and awaken hibernating souls. They also say critical thought spawns knowledge, which is what makes the human species truly powerful. Laughter is more left brained, and critical thought more right. Sometimes they seem to conflict with one another, when really they’re completely symbiotic, due to them being the left and right side of the same thing. Just as the brain wouldn’t function if all its parts weren’t working in perfect harmony, niether would life. Once we realize laughter builds up our soul, specifically so we can inhale and then exhale critical thought, we’ll see the world is only as dark or as light as we percieve. Laughter leads to thought, thought to action, and action to revolutionary evolution. When we laugh we allow ourselves to think, and vice versa. The difference between living and surviving, is conscious thought. Satire is society’s dramamine.” 🙂
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